Tiddies (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /tid-ees/

Also spelled: Titties

Related: Tity, Tits, Tidy

What does Tiddies mean?

A woman’s breasts.

Tiddies Synonyms: Bosom, Tits, Boobies, Bitties, Boobs, Double D’s, Titties

Example sentence:Babe I miss your tiddies, it’s been a while.”

Tiddies in songs:

“Look at these tiddies, double D’s, it’s double-dutch” – Azealia Banks, The Big Big Beat.

“My bitch, she sedated, no way she sadiddy I lick on her tiddies, she from Mississippi” – Ugly god, Back to the Basics.

“Sucking on her tiddies only time I’m eating cereal” – ​lilbootycall, Mary Jane.

“I luv her lil boobies, aye, yuh I luv her lil tiddies, aye, yuh” – Lil Milk Carton, No Sleep.

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