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Co-sign (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /co-sign/

Also spelled or known as: Cosign, Co sign

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What does Co-sign mean?

To endorse, support or agree with someone or something.

Co-sign Synonyms: Endorse

Example sentence: “He blew up without a big Co-sign.”

Co-sign in songs:

“I pay a nigga to drive for me, JAY-Z couldn’t even co-sign for me” – Gucci Mane, I Get the Bag.

“Only independent, we don’t need a co-sign” – Erick Arc Elliot, New Phone, Who Dis?.

“Ridin’ with no co-sign” – Valee, Womp Womp.

“You know the game, if you co-sign a rat, you forever a rat” – Meek Mill, Gave ’Em Hope.

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