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Hitting it raw

Hitting it raw (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /hit-in-it-raw/

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What does Hitting it raw mean?

To be having sexual intercourse without a condom.

Hitting it raw Synonyms: Hooking up, Fucking, Beating, Piping, Knocking boots, Clapping cheeks, Hitting, Banging, Hitting it, Smashing

Example sentence: “I always pull out when I’m hitting it raw.”

Hitting it raw in songs:

I’m thinking ’bout hitting it raw, shit I must be wildin’ out But that pussy wet as hell, I think it’s time to end the drought” – Logic, Walk on By.

Hitting it raw from the bed to the floor Nonstop wicked back shots, I’m smashing it” – MC Jin, My First Time.

“You talk slick just when I’m hitting the floor That’s your chick? You bet I’m hitting it raw” – Emilio Rojas, About No One.

“Now my only regret is hitting it raw I might as well have slammed my dick in the door Because the sex is something that really I didn’t need” – Lowkey, My Mother Said.

Fuckin’ your bitch and I’m hitting it raw Same way that I rock out on these shoes” – GASHI, No Face No Case.

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Hitting it raw
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Hitting it raw