Plugged in

Plugged in (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /pl0gd-in/

Also known as: Plugged

Related: Plug, Pluggin’, Plugging

What does Plugged in mean?

To have a lot of connections usually for drugs or things hard to acquire.

Plugged in Synonyms: Connected

Example sentence: “Those guys on the boat were plugged in.”

Plugged in in songs:

“Always on like the refrigerator, I’m plugged in, ho, you know it” – Rocko, U.O.E.N.O (Remix).

“A Ziploc full of kush Are you plugged in, by chance?” – Swae Lee, By Chance.

“Niggas know I came up, but I came back through the slums with Diddy Fucked around and got plugged in, I’m buyin’ that red Richard Mille” – Lil Baby, All In.

“None of the real niggas in Cali fuck with you nigga You know I’m plugged in and you know who this is talking pussy You always showed me the utmost respect nigga You’s a bitch nigga” – Takbar, OOOUUU (Remix).

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Plugged in
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Plugged in