Five on it

Five on it (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /five-on-it/

Also spelled or known as: Got five on it, 5 on it

Related: Got five on it, Got five on it, 5 on it

What does Five on it mean?

$5 into something whether it be five dollars sac of marijuana, a bet, or something.

Five on it Synonyms: 5 on it

Example sentence: “She put five on it and she won.”

Five on it in songs:

“I got five on it if you got twenty on it Finna stop smokin’ weed ’cause I gotta focus” – Lil B, Motivation.

“I got five on it, Grab your fo’, let’s get keyed” Big Sean, Five Bucks.

“Have them hoes, fiends, with a Glock and a G I got five on it, won’t you come smoke with me?” – DJ Screw, I Got 5 on It Freestyle.

“money, nigga I got five on it Niggas fake, man they don’t wannaride” – Duwap Kaine, 25 Dollar Fanta.

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Five on it
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Five on it