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5 on it

5 on it (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /five-on-it/

Also spelled or known as: Got 5 on it, Five on it

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What does 5 on it mean?

$5 into something whether it be five dollars sac of marijuana, a bet, or something.

5 on it Synonyms: Five on it

Example sentence: “We put 5 on it.”

5 on it in songs:

bro, are you tryna smoke weed? Cause I got a spliffYeah, son, tryna smoke this weed. You know…uhm, I got 5 on it” Five?” – Zombie Juice, G Tearz.

Yea, Lemme’ be straight up – I need a job homie A 9 to 5 man, I ain’t even got 5 on it” – Slim Gravy, Can’t Come Down.

“Talking bout “I got 5 on it“, nigga need to cut that shit out like a coupon” – Kid Ink, Get You High Today.

“It make you mad when they front like they right They need help like they only got 5 on it” – Nicki Minaj, Bring it Back.

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5 on it
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5 on it