Got five on it

Got five on it (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /got-five-on-it/

Also spelled or known as: Got 5 on it, five on it

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What does Got five on it mean?

Putting $5 into something whether it be five dollars sac of marijuana, a bet, or something.

Got five on it Synonyms: five on it

Example sentence:Yeah i def got five on it. I wanna win.”

Got five on it in songs:

“I got five on it, keep a nigga face numb Fuck five on it, keep a nigga face numb” – Kirk Knight, 5 Minutes.

“I got five on it, grab your ’40, let’s get keyed I got five on it, messin’ with that Indo weed” – Michael Marshall, I Got 5 on It.

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Got five on it
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Got five on it