Fishscale (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /fish-skale/

Also known as: Fish scale

What does Fishscale mean?

High quality coke or cocaine.

Fishscale Synonyms: White, Snow, Coke, Yay, Yayo, White Girl, Cocaina

Example sentence: “I”

Fishscale in songs:

Fishscale in the two-door that I fish-tails” – Pusha T, Move That Dope.

Fishscale, yeah, I got these bitches on the bait” – Young Thug, Hookah.

“I taught ’em ’bout fishscale, they want me to fish for them” – Jay-Z, Already Home.

“Yellow mellow with the gold, fishscale with these hoes” – Future, Zoom.

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