Bump (slang)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /bhump/

Related: Bumpin’

Plural: Bumps

What does Bump mean?

1. A small amount of cocaine.

2. To play or listen to music.

Bump Synonyms: Blast, Spin

Example sentence: “We shared a bump in the bathroom.”

Bump in songs:

Bump that new E-40 after school” – Kendrick Lamar, Money Trees.

Gotta give ‘em time to listen, they’ll soon bump to it” – Joey bada$$, Hardknock.

“Got the type of bump that make a dog wanna hump” – J. Cole, Back to the Topic (Freestyle).

“I heard this bitch bump Lil Peep faithfully” – Lil peep, High School.

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