Dunn (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dawn/

Also pronounce and known as: Dun

What does Dunn mean?

Queens, NY slang for “son”, used to reference a friend or someone whose name you don’t know.

Dunn Synonyms: Son, Dun

Example sentence: “My guy what you on tomorrow dunn?”

Dunn in songs:

Half rapper, half drug kingpin, you’re tellin’ fairy tales, dunn” – Young Noble, Bomb First (My Second Reply).

You’s a dick blower, tryin’ to speak the Dunn language” – Prodigy, Quiet Storm.

“But when it comes to Henn Rock, dunn, I need that” – Havoc, Drink Away the Pain (Situations).

Yo, dunn, before the sun set, call connect, get all the TECs” – AZ, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Murder, MoHomicide.

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