Type: noun

Pronunciation: /praw-di-gee/

Plural: Prodigies

What does Prodigy mean?

A young person who is extraordinarily talented.

Prodigy Synonyms: Whiz, Whiz Kid, Genius

Example sentence: “Kanye West has always been a prodigy.”

Prodigy in songs:

“You can’t rock with me, I’ma young prodigy,Now my plate filet mignon” – Kodak Black, Young Prodigy.

“Hopped off the porch, I’m a prodigy, they know the name” – Trippie Redd, Betrayal.

“Kanye’s best prodigy, He ain’t signed me, but he proud of me” – Chance the Rapper, Blessings (Reprise).

“Over the simple fact, you had to diss to acknowledge me, I am the prodigy” – Machine Gun Kelly, RAP DEVIL.

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