You’s (slang)

Type: slang

Pronunciation: /yoous/

Also spelled or known as: Yous

What does You’s mean?

You is.

Example sentence: “Naw you’s not gonna come to my house screaming like that.”

You’s in songs:

“But I’m only human, I know loving you’s a crime If I take this cookie now one day I’ll do the time” – J. Cole, Kevin’s Heart.

You’s a beat biter, a Pac style taker” – E.D.I. Mean, HitEm Up.

“Ol’ boy, you’s a broke boy, flocka’s got you beat” – Kodak Black, No Flockin.

“I ain’t worried ’bout features, homeboy, you’s a peon” – T-Wayne, Nasty Freestyle.

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