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What’s crackalackin

What’s crackalackin’ (slang)

Type: slang, expression, greeting

Pronunciation: /whats-crack-a-lack-in/

Also spelled or known as: Whats crackalackin, Whats crackalacking, What’s crackalacking, crackalacking, crackalackin’

What does What’s crackalackin’ mean?

A greeting; what’s up? What’s happening?

What’s crackalackin‘ Synonyms: What’s up, Wassup, Waddup, Ayo, Yo, Gang Gang, What’s popping, What it do, What’s poppin

Example sentence:What’s crackalackin’ OG, how have you been?”

What’s crackalackin‘ in songs:

Aight what’s up everybody, it’s me, Payday, back in action so you know what’s crackalackin, I’m bouts to shout out all the homies” – Payday (PJ), Shoutouts.

“Be politicking’ never beyond dumbin’ Straight gunnin’ Huh? Yeah, So what’s crackalackin’?” – ScHoolboy Q, Crazy.

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What’s crackalackin
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What’s crackalackin

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