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Draco (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /dre-ko/ What does Draco mean? An automatic weapon or a Mini AK-47. Draco Synonyms: Tool, Toolie, Yoppa, Choppa, Glizzy, Stick, Piece, Strap, 40 Example sentence: “I keep a draco on me in case anyone wants smoke.” Draco in songs: “Draco got that kick-back when I blow that, they all […]


Drained (slang) Type: adjective, slang Pronunciation: /dre-aye-nd/ What does Drained mean? To be really tired or have no energy. Drained synonyms: Beat Example sentence: “We were drained after the last game of tennis.” Drained in songs: “I haven’t even heard from you, You look drained, you look exhausted” – Drake, Diamonds Dancing. “Rap’s got you […]


Drank (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /drank/ Related: Purple Drank, Good Drank What does Drank mean? A good narcotic mixture of codeine, sprite and jolly ranchers. Drank Synonyms: Purple Drank, Dirty Sprite, Soda, Good Drank, Wock, Wockeisha, Wocky Example sentence: “The rapper and his posse had drank in the green room. “ Drank in songs: […]


Draw (slang) Type: noun, verb, slang Pronunciation: /draw/ Related: Drawing What does Draw mean? 1. To pull out a gun. 2. A tie. Example sentence: “Don’t make me draw.” Draw in songs: “No horseplay when we quick draw” – Schoolboy Q, Brand New Guy. “We don’t never trip much, we be shakin’ it off Win, […]


Drawers (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /draws/ Also spelled or known as: Draws What does Drawers mean? Underwear. Drawers synonyms: Draws, Thong, Jockstrap Example sentence: “She be in my room dancing in her drawers.” Drawers in songs: “Rushing you out your drawers though patiently get you off” – Wale, Diced Pineapples. “Cut my hair? Nah, […]


Draws (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /draws/ Also spelled or known as: Drawers What does Draws mean? Underwear. Draws synonyms: Drawers, Thong, Jockstrap Example sentence: “I had my draws on when the pizza man came in.” Draws in songs: “First the text, then the draws, see first is sex” – J. Cole, Trouble. “Still I […]