Genre (noun)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /gen-rah/

Plural: Genres

What does Genre mean?

A style or category of music.

Genre Synonyms: Category, Class

Example sentence:Rap/Hip-Hop is my favorite genre.”

Genre in songs:

“I’ll never let up on the pedal, might as well get the mop
‘Cause I’m wipin’ up everyone in this genre” – Eminem, Greatest.

“Know you really tired of me sampling Billy Squier, But classic rock acid rap is the genre” – Eminem, ShadyXV.

“I could sweep the flow up, the melody, Like I could speak to all her fans through every genre” – Kodak Black, Versitile

“I make music for every genre, every occasion, My shit is amazin’, I’m blazin’, it’s insane” – Logic, Everybody Dies.

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