211 (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /two-one-one/

What does 211 mean?

Police code number for a robbery.

211 Synonyms: Stick up

Other police codes: 187, 226, 730

Example sentence: “A bunch of robbers pulled a 211 down the street.”

211 in songs:

“Now break yourself motherfucker ‘fore you make me take this 211 to another level” – Snoop Dogg, Serial Killa.

211, 187, break yourself or go to heaven” – RVMIRXZ, Grey Magic.

“Ooh, 187, 211, Hockey mask on, Wayne Gretzky” – Lil Wayne, Street Chains.

“I’m sippin 2-11, ’bout to plan a 211” – Left Brain, Fuck the Police.

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