Knock it off

Knock it off (slang)

Type: phrase, exclamation, slang

Pronunciation: /nock-it-off/

What does Knock it off mean?

Stop it.

Example sentence:Knock it off, you’re coming to see me tonight.”

Knock it off in songs:

“You was up, now you fell off, Then you pull up, all cap better knock it off‘ – Quavo, FLIP THE SWITCH.

“Like all foul men, the time I hit your moms off I told her knock it off, but she had to set the rocket off” – Viktor Vaughn, Fancy Clown.

I’m tired of y’all, ’cause everybody lied to y’all And you believe it? Recognize them false achievements It’s treason and I’m Tylenol, I knock out when you knock it off” – Kendrick Lamar, Fuck Your Ethnicity.

“Call her a mangler cause she ran through Say she want me to take the rubber off Told her people in Hell want ice water bitch knock it off” – Plies, Ran off on da Plug Twice (Ritz Carlton).

Don’t get exposed to these hoes boy, knock it off I seen your mama in the Benz when she dropped you off” – J. Cole, LAnd of the Snakes.

“Talk and talk and talk and talk Baby, let’s just knock it off” – Kanye West, Heartless.

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Knock it off
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Knock it off

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