Doonie (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /doon-e/

Related: Doonies

What does Doonie mean?

A vagina.

Doonie Synonyms: Poontang, Punani, Coochie, WAP, Pussy, Cunt, Box, Cooter

Example sentence: “She let a real g in her doonie.”

Doonie in songs:

“I just pulled up with 10 hoes, in the doonie van” – YN Jay, Coochie Land.

“Do you know the Coochie Man?, Have you ever seen the Doonie Van?” – YN Jay, Doonie Van.

“Aye, I’m a Doonie Scout, I’m in Candy Land off a perc, I’m pointin’ doonies out” – YN Jay, Coochie World.

“Me, BabyTron, and StanWill, we the Doonie Beaters” – RMC Mike, Dookie Season.

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