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Jatty (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /jat-e/

What does Jatty mean?

A big and curvy butt.

Jatty Synonyms: Badonkadonk, Fatty, Monkey, Donkey, Cake, Junk in the trunk

Example sentence: “Damn that girl has a Jatty.”

Jatty in songs:

Fuckin’ on a lilmama Lightskin with a jatty” – Pop Smoke, Better Have Your Gun.

Baddie, she got the jatty, the fatty” – Quelly Woo, Flossin in Boston.

“She act bad with the jatty, she know how to shake it” – B Lovee, My Everything (Part III).

“She got the jatty, you know I adore that” – 26ar, Whateva.

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