Collabin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /kol-lab-in/

Related: Collabs, Collabed

What does Collabin’ mean?

Collaborating; to be working in partnership with someone else or a team.

Collabin’ Synonyms: Collabing

Example sentence: “I was collabin’ with my broski.”

Collabin’ in songs:

“I ain’t laughin’ with these niggas, yeah I ain’t collabin’ with these niggas, yeah” – Rylo Rodriguez, Basketball Numbers.

“Next time you see me, don’t ask me who I’m collabin’ with Between me and you, some of the new West is actresses” – Kendrick Lamar, Warning Shot.

“I close my eyes I openem and I’m back at rap In the studio collabin’ killin’ wack ass crap” – Tech N9ne, 00N9NA.

“Know a young nigga cutthroat the young nigga backstabbin’ Poppinyo shit boy know you gotta back it Glock to lilbooth, I’m with Icey collabin’ Ice cookin’ up ice with ice” – BABY PLUG, Ice.

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