Charted (music)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /chart-ed/

Related: Chart, Charts, Charting

What does Charted mean?

To have had a song or an album on any of the Billboard music charts.

Charted Synonyms: Chart

Example sentence: “The song made history when it charted at No. 1.”

Charted in songs:

“Straight up out the gutter, we charted” – 21 Savage, Whole Lot.

“Then I charted with the Roc nigga, hit by hit” – Jay-Z, Get Throwed.

“Even though I got plaques and charted, Swallow crack, I had to vomit” – Lil Durk, Treacherous.

“I told em “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” I turned my head, that shit charted” – Juicy J, So Much Money.

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