Waste yute

Waste yute (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /waist-yoot/

Also spelled or known as: Waste-yute, Wasteyute

Related: Waste, Wasteman

What does Waste yute mean?

Someone who is a bum, wastes time, or doesn’t have anything going on in their life.

Waste yute Synonyms: Broke boy, Bum, Waste, Wasteman, Bucktee

Example sentence: “I can’t hang around a waste yute.”

Waste yute in songs:

Gyal stop talking to that nigga he a waste yute” – Nue – Deadman.

“I still show my face, It’s just colder now, Let you know the waste yute is blowing up” – Mouse Sucks, ChyennedidmeDirty.

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Waste yute
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Waste yute

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