Brothel (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /broth-ul/

What does Brothel mean?

A place where prostitutes have sex.

Brothel Synonyms: Whorehouse

Example sentence:Naw i’m not going to the brothel with you.”

Brothel in songs:

“Would it be unlawful, To spend this honeymoon in a brothel?” – Travis Scott, ​way back.

“3-7-6 was a brothel, we had females come in every hour on the dot” – Earl Sweatshirt, Grief.

“That’s right, pimp game like a brothel” – Jidenna, Long Live the Chief.

“And I be the only chopper that’s tossed in the brothel” – Tech N9ne, Worldwide Choppers.

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