Whorehouse (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hor-house/

Also spelled or known as: Whore house, Whore-house

What does Whorehouse mean?

A place where prostitutes have sex.

Whorehouse Synonyms: Brothel

Example sentence: “The Whorehouse is not a place to find love but lust.”

Whorehouse in songs:

“Turn the whole top floor to a whorehouse” – Young Thug, Hot.

“A nigga fucked up like a hang gliding whorehouse” – Childish Gambino, Let Me Dope You.

“119th to the whorehouse soon as the tour’s out” – Cam’ron, Bout It Bout It.

“Moving more tops than a hot whorehouse” – Cory Gunz, Y’all Ain’t Got Nothin On Me.

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