Mamba mentality

Mamba mentality (phrase)

Type: noun, phrase

Pronunciation: /mam-bah-men-tality/

Also spelled or known as: Mamba-mentality

What does Mamba mentality mean?

The mentality of constant self-improvement.

Example sentence: “He was able to improve his team by adopting the mamba mentality.

Mamba mentality in songs:

“And yes I gotta keep them snakes up out my garden, But keep that Mamba Mentality regardless.” – Lil Wayne, Happen to You.

Hustle mentality, Mamba mentality, Scrape every dollar and penny” – Migos, Roadrunner.

“I got that Mamba mentality, I’m takin’ charge like a battery” – Montana of 300, Black Mamba.

Mamba mentality, dude, like, come on, come on” – Starlito, Heart On Defrost.

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Mamba mentality
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Mamba mentality