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Brews (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /brews/

Related: Brewskis

Singular: Brew

What does Brews mean?


Brews Synonyms: Brewskis, Ales

Example sentence: “You down to go out for some brews?”

Brews in songs:

“Like the phone when she heard the news Her sister on the other line talking to her shoes The only son, what a thing to lose More blacks singing more blues More niggas pouring more brews” – J. Cole, Can I Live.

“Another weekend full of blunts and brews Too comfortable, yelling “Fuck a school”” – Alex Wiley, Windows.

I’m grabbin’ brews, takin’ fast swiggas I get cash and stash figures, and harass them bitch-ass niggas” – Big L, Da Graveyard.

“That’s Tom Cruise, whatever she accuse He wasn’t really drunk, he just had a frew brews” – Kanye West, Clique.

“Lounging at the barbecues, drinking brews With the neighborhood crews hanging on the avenues” – The Notorious B.I.G., Things Done Changed.

Dumping them slugs on you fools Rolling with me Trues, drinking brews” – Wish Bone, East 1999.

“Scholar but my attendance like Bueller, so no use for a tutor Some cold brews in the cooler” – Mac Miller, Avian.

“Life for me is just weed and brews See the hoes flock to you when your name is Q” – ScHoolboy Q, Hands on the Wheel.

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