Retro (noun)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ret-tro/

What does Retro mean?

1. Retroactive.

2. Involving or related to the past or fashion and music from the past.

Retro Synonyms: Vintage

Example sentence: “The new kicks I got are retro.”

Origin: Retro originated from the French term rétro (short for rétrograde),  which is directly from a Latin preposition meaning “backwards” or “behind”.

Retro in songs:

“No electro, no metro, A little retro, ah, perfecto, You know the demo, your boy act wild” – Kanye West, The Joy.

Retro ride, Marty McFly, Big Day, super big vibes” – Chance the Rapper, Ballin Flossin.

“The rings and wrists, I retro the kicks, Ain’t givin’ no kiss, I’m givin’ her dick” – Takeoff, Avalanche.

“First class, I am so new at this Used to ride the metro, now that shit is retro” – Logic, The Spotlight.

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