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Bomb diggity

Bomb diggity (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /bawmb-dig-e-tee/

Also spelled or known as: Bomb-diggity, Bombdiggity

Related: Bomb

What does Bomb diggity mean?

Extremely cool, awesome or great.

Bomb diggity Synonyms: Fire, Dope, Sick, Cold, Heat

Example sentence: “This new album is bomb diggity.

Bomb diggity in songs:

I’m da bomb diggity, got ya moms feelin me Tell ya man chill on me, hang loose like literally” – LE1F, Wut.

Mixed with a little bit of the jigga-jig-jigga With a small pinch of Biggie Look at me, I’m just the bomb-diggity” – Eminem, Nigga.

Flow’s phenom, I’m the bomb-diggity, ask Biggie” – Lil’ Kim, Drugs.

“I do it in my videos, just how he picture me Bet your boyfriend thinkin’ I’m the bomb diggity” – Megan Thee Stallion, Wild Thoughts Freestyle.

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Bomb diggity
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Bomb diggity