Llello (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ye-yo/

Related: Yay, Yayo

What does Yayo mean?


Llello Synonyms: Blow, White, Yay, Snow, Coke, Yayo, White horse

Example sentence: “It’s yayo in North America but it’s llello elsewhere.”

Llello in songs:

“Like Chapo servinllello to the gringos” – Gucci Mane, Black Beatles.

“Cause I clock pesosdon’t sell llello” – Parrish Smith, Rampage.

“But like llello in a bill my feelings just get crushed” – Havoc, Streets Raised Me.

Totin’ the llello for life, the rightful heir to the throne” – Prospect, Capital Punishment.

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