Blammed (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /blhamd/

Related: Blam, Blammin’, Blamming, Blammer

What does Blammed mean?

To have shot or have been shot.

Blammed Synonyms: Busted

Example sentence: “He got blammed for all that hating.”

Blammed in songs:

Bro’s drunk off Wrays, got corn for days So don’t get blammed on the mains” – Bandokay, Ambush.

Blammed her twice, man it’s so tough” – Bugsey, Don’t Rush.

“They rap about bootings, they ain’t blammed nobody” – Digga D, Next Up?.

“If we really beefin’ why you ain’t thinkin’ ’bout ya man, or ya fam Can’t catch you, they gettin’ blammed” – Jackboy, G to the A.

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