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Big Za

Big Za (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /big-za/

Also spelled or known as: BigZa, Big-Za

What does Big Za mean?

BossMan Dlow’s nickname.

Other BossMan Dlow Nicknames:

BossMan Dlow’s real name: Devante McCreary

Example sentence:BossMan Dlow also goes by Big Za.”

Big Za in songs:

I’m in that thing shiftin’ and I’m lane-switchin’ (Yoom) Bitch, it’s Big Za, I’ma stand on straight business” – BossMan Dlow, Get In With Me

Nigga, yeah, nigga Big Za” – BossMan Dlow, Finesse.

I’m Big Za, baby, A trap star, baby” – BossMan Dlow, The Biggest.

Bitch, I’m Big Za, big old shit popper” – BossMan Dlow, Pop My Shit.

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Big Za
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Big Za

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