Trap star

Trap star (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /trap-star/

Also spelled: Trapstar, Trap-star

Related: Trap, Trapper, Trap house

What does Trap star mean?

Someone who is good at selling a lot of drugs.

Trap star Synonyms: Plug, Dopeman, Drug dealer, Weedman, Dealer, Supplier, Pusher, Trapper

Example sentence: “That boy be making money, he a trap star.”

Trap star in songs:

“You know the real rap gods, typical trap star turned rap star” – Nas, Where’s The Love.

“Today, you’re not a trap star, today, you are a donor” – Tay K, M…. She Wrote.

“Looking like a trap star, flipping raw day and night” – A$AP Ant, Coke & White Bitches: Chapter 2.

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