Beotch (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bee-och/

Also spelled: Biatch

What does Beotch mean?

Bitch. Beotch is slang for Bitch.

Beotch Synonyms: Bish, Bih, Hoe, Ho, Bitch, Thot

Example sentence: “Stop being a beotch.”

Beotch in songs:

“I’ll call her a beotch!… Beotch!” – Too $hort, Call Her a Bitch.

“Can you scream let it go beotch, how does it feel?” – 2Pac, Let Em Have It.

“This one, this is the Carter beotch!” – Lil Wayne, Get Down.

“I told my ho back up, oh shit, don’t need no beotch” – Young Thug, Bankrolls on Deck.

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