Apeshit (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /ape-shit/

Also spelled: Ape shit, Ape-shit

What does Apeshit mean?

To go crazy or insane.

Apeshit Synonyms: Hard, Rage

Example sentence: “We were going apeshit when we won.”

Apeshit in songs:

“Play it in your stereo, your crew’ll go apeshit” – MF DOOM, Rhinestone Cowboy.

“Banana clips going apeshit, if you don’t make money you don’t make sense” – 2 Chainz, Chris Tucker.

I’m goin’ apeshit, they callin’ me Willie B” – Lil Baby, Money Forever.

Bitch I’m from Chicago where we go apeshit” – Lil Durk, Try Me (Remix).

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