Poet (noun)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /poh-it/

What does Poet mean?

Someone who writes poems or poetry.

Poet Synonyms: Lyricist, Rapper

Example sentence: “He made a joke about how he wasn’t a rapper but a poet.

Poet in songs:

“I got gold on my Rollie And I’m real right like a poet, I look like a dope boy, I know it” – Young Thug, Again.

“Take heed ’cause I’m a lyrical poet, Miami’s on the scene just in case you didn’t know it” – Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby.

“See, I’m a poet to some, a regular modern-day Shakespeare” – Eminem, Renegade.

“She said, “K-Lamar, you kinda dumb to be a poet, I’ma put you on game for the lames that don’t know they a rookie, Instagram is the best way to promote some pussy”” – Kendrick Lamar, No More Parties in LA.

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