Chopstick (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /chop-st-ick/

Related: Stick

Plural: Chopsticks

What does Chopstick mean?

A long gun.

Chopstick Synonyms: Draco, Stick, Yoppa, Choppa, Glizzy, Tool, Piece, Strap

Example sentence: “That’s a chopstick but he’s not eating.”

Chopstick in songs:

Hot liljit, he gon’ stay with the chopstick” – Lil Baby, Sum 2 Prove.

“Traphouse serving like hibachi, Draco, chopstick, baby AK” – Maxo Kream, Oh Wow…Swerve.

“I was cruisin’ down a nigga block with the chopstick” – Tay-K, Hard.

“Might as well put a cap on it, all over with a chopstick” – Pop Smoke, Gangstas.

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