Bang out

Bang out (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bang-out/

Also spelled or known as: Bang-out, Bangout

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What does Bang out mean?

1. A fight.

Bang out Synonyms: Brawl

2. A shooting.

Bang out Synonyms: Shoot out

Example sentence: “There was a bang out after school.”

Bang out in songs:

“A nigga run up on me wrong, its gon’ be a bang out” – Lud Foe, Suicide.

“You know how the Dogg roll, don’t get it twisted Cause he bang out the East just in case you wanna visit” – Snoop Dogg, Boss’ Life.

I’m 092, yeah, I’m Woo, let it bang out the coupe” – Pop Smoke, Exposing Me.

“We could be anywhere, we gon bang out If you see me, they pay me, I don’t hang out” – Lil Baby, Still Hood.

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Bang out
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Bang out