Archie bunker

Archie bunker (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /ar-chee-bun-ker/ What does Archie bunker mean? Low quality marijuana. Archie bunker Synonyms: Bammer, Reggie, Mid Example sentence: “That’s not gas that’s archie bunker.“ Archie bunker in songs: “I puff the mad spliffs and roll blunts with Archie Bunker” – Redman, I’m a Bad. “Smokin’ archie bunker, catchin’ stunts […]

Around the way

Around the way (phrase) Type: adjective, slang, phrase Pronunciation: /around-the-way/ What does Around the way mean? From, in the neighborhood or nearby. Example sentence: “Marcus is from around the way.“ Around the way in songs: “Kojima, they tote steamers around the way we tippy-toe” – J. Cole, ​​a p p l y i n g […]


Arrangement (noun) Type: noun Pronunciation: /a-range-ment/ Plural: Arrangements What does Arrangement mean? 1. How a song changes or is arranged from start to finish. Arrangement Synonyms: Structure 2. A plan or solution. Arrangement Synonyms: Scheme, Plot Example sentence: “The reason the song is so fire is because of its arrangement.” Arrangement in songs: “Headscarf for […]


Arse (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /arss/ What does Arse mean? 1. Someone’s buttocks. Arse Synonyms: Ass 2. An idiot or irritating person. Arse Synonyms: Peon, Lame Example sentence: “I can see the results in your arse babe.” Arse in songs: “Eating chicken caesar salad with some croutons Feds on my arse and I’m too […]


Artwork (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /art-work/ Also spelled or known as: Art-work, Art work What does Artwork mean? 1. Art used as the cover for a song or album. Artwork Synonyms: Cover art 2. A painting or art piece. Example sentence: “We chose the artwork for the album last night.” Artwork in songs: “They […]