215 (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /two-one-five/

Also known as: The 215, Tha 215, Da 215

What does 215 mean?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area code.

215 Synonyms: Philly, Illadelph, 1600

Other Philadelphia area codes: 267

215 in songs:

” I been always on some shit, since a youngin’ in these streets. I said I’m 215 APhillyated ya’ll niggas gon really hate it” – Meek Mill,

215 stay on the d you better duck” – Black THought, Philadelphia Born and Raised.

“Represent the 215, 24/7, 365, 211’s, 187’s, who want die?” – Beanie Sigel, Have Mercy.

“Uh, 215 till the day i die, Said it once and ill say it again” – Moosh, Hometown.

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