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412 (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /four-one-two/

Also known as: The 412, Tha 412, Da 412

What does 412 mean?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area code and the people from there.

412 Synonyms: The burgh, Burgh

Example sentence: “Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller are from the 412.”

Stufinder Pittsburgh
Stufinder Pittsburgh

412 in songs:

Went from the 412 out to the 310″ – Mac Miller, Brand Name.

I’m out here gettin’ money, 412” – Wiz Khalifa, When They See Me.

412 we on the map now baby and money off music spitting raps all crazy” – S. Money, Head to the Sky.

“Them by 9’s be tickin you broke the rearview mirrors, but that’s the 415 shit I run with the 412” – Webbie, How U Ridin’.

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