Pump fake


Pump fake (slang)

Type: noun, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /pomp-fayk/

Also spelled: Pumpfake, Pump-fake

Related: Pump fakin’, Pump faked

What does Pump fake mean?

1. To pretend or fool.

2. A fake attempt to pass or shoot a ball.

Pump fake Synonyms: Finesse

Example sentence: “I told her i was coming but i pulled a pump fake.”

Pump fake in songs:

“Real shooters, I don’t ever pump fake on these hoes” – Nicki Minaj, Transformer.

“To they shit, I’m Asic, I run shit, I got it jumpin’ like pump fake” – Saba, Sacrifices.

Hit her with a pump fake, Turn around, pull off like I’m Kobe with the Lakers”

“We don’t pump fake, we kill beef” – 21 Savage, Many Men.

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