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Repo’d (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /re-poh/

Also spelled or known as: Repo

What does Repo’d mean?

To repossess or have had your car or possession taken away because you have missed too many payments.

Example sentence: “He had his car repo’d last week.”

Repo’d in songs:

Bitches is finito, I call my car Rico ‘Cause it’s Paid In Full, baby my car don’t get repo’d London got that heat though, my jet land at Heathrow If I had a dick, I would make all you bitches deep throat” – Nicki Minaj, No Flag.

“Grew up watching momma car repo’d A little nigga staring through the peep hole” – Rick Ross, I Still Wanna.

” That ain’t an Aston Martin, that’s a new Jag But it clean, though And if you’re late on the payment, boy, that shit get repo’d” – Rich Homie Quan, Blah Blah Blah.

“I am in beast mode, respect the G-code Bitches ain’t got drive, these bitches will get repo’d” – Nicki Minaj, Win Again.

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