Word of mouth


Word of mouth (Idiom)

Type: noun, idiom, slang

Pronunciation: /word-of-mawth/

Also spelled or known as: Word-of-mouth

What does Word of mouth mean?

Something told to us or heard in person.

Example sentence: “I heard about the album through word of mouth.”

Word of mouth in songs:

Word around, word of mouth, word around town” – A$AP Rocky, PICK IT UP.

“These hoes be acting up, see, me, I don’t practice much, Gold albums from the word of mouth” – Wale, Actin’ Up.

“Heard you doing pretty good, yeah, people talk, word of mouth” – JID, Workin Out.

“Been around, just like word of mouth, you gon’ hear me out” – Mac Miller, Programs.

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Word of mouth
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