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The jig is up

The jig is up (phrase)

Type: phrase, idiom, slang

Pronunciation: /tha-jig-is-up/

What does The jig is up mean?

To catch someone in their lies or realize the games someone has been playing.

Example sentence: “You can’t flex on me baby i already hit, the jig is up.”

The jig is up in songs:

The jig is up, I seen you from a mile away losin’ focus” – Kendrick Lamar, How Much a Dollar Cost.

“Shit is legal, now the dealers know the jig is up” – Amine, Burden.

“I talk too much, the jig is up, he has risen up” – Joey Bada$$, Hazeus View.

“You ain’t got the bigger house, the jig is up” – Tyler, The Creator, Something to Rap About.

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The jig is up
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The jig is up