Wayment (slang) Type: idiom, slang Pronunciation: /way-mint/ What does Wayment mean? Wait a minute. Wayment Synonyms: Hol’ up, Hold on Example sentence: “Wayment what did you just say to me?.” Wayment in songs: “Bet it’s trackers on your phone, Yeah, follow me, yeah, wayment, GPS another spot” – Isaiah Rashad, Why Worry. “Verified on google […]

Word of mouth

Word of mouth (Idiom) Type: noun, idiom, slang Pronunciation: /word-of-mawth/ Also spelled or known as: Word-of-mouth What does Word of mouth mean? Something told to us or heard in person. Example sentence: “I heard about the album through word of mouth.” Word of mouth in songs: “Word around, word of mouth, word around town” – […]