Under the radar

Under the radar (phrase)

Type: phrase, idiom

Pronunciation: /un-der-the-rad-er/

What does Under the radar mean?

To be secretive and/or unnoticed.

Under the radar Synonyms: Under the table, Lowkey, Discreet

Example sentence: “He snuck in the club under the radar.

Under the radar in songs:

Duckin’ and dodgin’, y’all camouflagin’ under the radar” – D Savage, Emotionless.

“All of my haters be under the radar” – Dreezy, Break A Band.

“No snapchats or tweeting, he’s living under the radar” – Bugzy Malone, Die By the Gun.

“Might go 9/11 when we fly low, all under the radar” – Mick Jenkins, Aurora Borealis.

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Under the radar
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Under the radar