Slept on


Slept on (phrase)

Type: adjective, phrase, idiom, slang

Pronunciation: /slept-on/

Related: Sleep, Sleeping

What does Slept on mean?

To get little to no attention for great work.

Slept on Synonyms: Underrated

Example sentence: “Back then i was slept on, now i’m mainstream.”

Slept on in songs:

“The most slept on in the game, don’t forget that, bitch” – DaBaby, Blank Blank.

“We dream that, been slept on, we kept on, we left home” – Big Sean, 4th Quarter.

“I been out and buzzin’, niggas just slept on me” – Llyod Banks, Poppin’ Them Thangs.

“Former Posturepedic I was slept on” – 2 Chainz, Yuck!.

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Slept on

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