Word up


Word up (slang)

Type: expression, interjection, slang

Pronunciation: /wurd-up/

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What does Word up mean?

To agree or acknowledge.

Word up Synonyms:

Example sentence: “I hear you, word up! i’ll be there tonight.”

Word up in songs:

Word up, better keep tellin’ me to turn it down, But yo, Flavor Flav ain’t going out like that” – Flava Flav, Bring the Noise.

Word up on Madison Ave is I’m a cash cow” – Jay-Z, “Grammy Family” Freestyle.

Word up, peace, incarcerated scarfaces” – Raekwon, Incarcerated Scarfaces.

Word up, baby, someone may have to get hurt up, baby” – Gang Starr, Work.

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Word up

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