Word is Born


Word is Born (phrase)

Pronunciation: /wurd-is-boorn/

Also known as: My Word Is My Born

What does Word is Born mean?

1. A phrase used to mean the truth is said or told.

Word is Born Synonyms: Word is Bond, Facts, My Word, No Kizzy, Fr

2. A phrase used after a new idea or statement.

Example sentence: “I’ll alway keep it real, word is born.”

Word is Born in songs:

Word is born, baby my dictionary’s in labor” – Childish Gambino, My Shine.

“Soon as he said his word is born, I gave him a miscarriage” – Papoose, Motion Picture.

“I can go like a dawg, word is born, But none could not, damn this hard, come on” – DMX, X Moves.

“Motherfucker, my word is born like Siamese triplets” – Aesop Rock, Save Yourself.

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Word is Born
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