Mayne (slang)

Type: noun, slang, expression

Pronunciation: /may-ain/

Also spelled or known as: Mane

What does Mayne mean?

Man. Mayne is slang for man.

Mayne Synonyms: Man, Mane

Example sentence: “When you walk in say wassup to my lil mayne.”

Mayne in songs:

Mayne I be thuggin, I be fresh, I be super clean” – Boosie, Set It Off.

“So when I say I’m balling, that don’t mean that I’m playing, mayne, All my diamonds talking, you can see what they saying, mayne” – Wiz Khalifa, On My Level.

“Real nigga mayne, all the people I plotted with, is the same ones I’m dividin’ the profits with” – Big Sean, High.

“The sky is your limit, mayne And mine somewhere bout Mars” – Nelly, Racks (Remix).

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